The Black Death

The Black Death occured in the middle of The Hundred Years' War. It was a deadly plague that occured between 1347 and 1351. It was so deadly it killed about 25 million people, a third of Europes population. The plague originally came from central and eastern Asia, when unknowingly traders brought the rats to the Mediterranean ports in 1347. Fleas then bit the rats, and the rats passed the disease out to the people. The Black Death killed so many people that there were many buried quickly without ceremonies. Only in England, about 1,000 villages were abandoned. There was a huge change in Europe. The Manor System fell apart completely because there wern't enough people left to work in the fields. Those peasants who survived the disease found that their skills were highly demanded. Suddenly, the can now demand wagges for their labor. The Black Death was a "blessing in disguise" for the people who survived.