100 Years' War

Due to the Magna Carta, France had a great political change. In 1328, the king of France died with no sons, and two men claimed the throne. One was French and the other was the King of England. In the end, the French man became king. The English King did not like this because he wanted to be king and invaded France a couple of years after. This invasion became known as the Hundred Years' War. At first, the English armies did well, winning most of the battles. After 100 years of fighting however, a teenage girl, Joan of Arc rallied the French troops. Although the English killed Joan, the damage was done. The French drove English out of their country in 1453. This changed the government in both England and France. In England, Parliament's power grew and the King lost power because the king needed money to pay for the costly war. In France, the king's power grew. During the war, the king became popular amongst the nobles. The King had created a bond with the nobles.